Where can I get an Anastasia by olga auer kit?

I just saw it on here and I’m in love. Where can I get her??

Does she only come in pre-order?

She is only pre order at this time. Dolls by Sandie has her and so does Macpherson’s.

Awe man :frowning: I’m new to this, do they ever get sold directly or will she always be pre-order?

They are only preorders until the kits are produced and shipped to the suppliers The preorder amount will hold your kit until the are delivered to the supplier and then the amount still owed will be paid and the supplier will ship the kit to you. If the kits are not sold out then the supplier will have some on hand and no pre order is necessary.

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How do I find out how much the kit is in whole? It just had the pre-order price.

Her pre-order time is over/closed for most dealers. MacPhersons still has some as they ordered extra.
I think Irresistables still has some too. They let me put a pre-order in my cart just now.

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How do you order from her directly? Sorry for all the questions. I have only bought BB kits and I’m running out of ones I love lol although there are.still a few.

Awe :frowning: ok. Thank you. And thank you for the link!

Do you know if BB is going to replace the discontinued kits with new other kits, or just leave it with the kits they have? How often do they get new kits?

Huge huge huge thank you!!!