Where can i find this?

I really need to find a wig big enough to fot 3 year old June. No way can I root that hige head and I cant afford to pay someone. I keep searching for wigs but no one has a 19/20”. Help?

I think you’ll have to buy a human child wig.

Right. Cant find a good one of those either.anyone know where i can get a decent one? Amazon ones look so iffy. I did find patty play pal wigs on ebay but am not crazy about the style.

wigs.com has some cute children’s human hair wigs. They’re pricier than mohair wigs and will fit 3 year old June. The Amazon children’s wigs aren’t very good. Most of them are costume wigs

I love this style for June Fashionable Blonde Curly Chin Length Kids Wigs, Rapunzel Hair Wig Kids

I want that one for my Tibby.

Man I super wish they actually showed real pictures of the actual wigs :weary: I just rooted Cammi and a wig would have been an option if I could have seen an actual one I liked :flushed:

I’ll probably still root my June though cause I love the results :wink: but yes very tedious and expensive. Cammis hair cost $75 and I spent 19 days every waking moment to root her, I think I napped from 6am - 10am and took a few breaks to eat and drink. It would probably been a $500 job to do it again


She looks amazing though