Where are the "genesis paint by number" instructions?

Where are the “genesis paint by number” instructions? Every time click on the link today, it says the link is no longer valid. Help!

Idk about that, but if wanting to start, start w your baby skin. ,very thin almost see through.Let it dry, repeat. Bake 265 for 8 min. Veins next not first. Blue stains. Very thin squiggles. Bake. Blush very thin poinced w plucked sponge. Eyelid purple mixed w blush very thin applied same. Bake. That will get you started. Male all paint water color thin. Pounce well. Want to avoid. Chalky.

Maybe they removed it? It was getting a bit outdated.
You can find loads of tutorials on YouTube, though.

http://pictures.bountifulbaby.com/videos/videos.html this one ?

the video that comes in the beginners kit still says to do the blue internal wash. :frowning:

Yeah, exactly. When I started several years ago they already said to not do that.