When your husband

Your hubby is a definite keeper!!! I am in love with Arya but she isn’t available for pre order yet. Do you know when she will become available? :slight_smile:

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It says she is??

Maybe call.
It says available for pre-order.
This is from the listing
"PRE-ORDER: Arya by Ping Lau is now available to pre-order. Arya is Sansa’s sister (both named from the show Game of Thrones) and you can see their resemblance! Arya will be shipping in the late summer or early fall. If you’d like to pre-order Arya, feel free to leave the $20 deposit and once Arya is in stock and ready to ship, we will be in touch for the balance due in the amount of $99.99 "

But then it has the full price amount… not the $20 it talks about… lol

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@jlesser Hi Jenni…Where is that doll listing from. I was just on Irresistables and she’s still not available for pre order there…:open_mouth:

Irresistables… hahaha


Ahhh I see it now but like you said its asking for the full amount instead of a deposit for the pre order. Gee she is really cute and I am so tempted but don’t want to pay in full unless they’ll be shipping her out to customers within the week.

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Yes, you did! Hang on to that one! :heart_eyes:

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Did you see @sweetiepieapril’s version? So cute!

Yesss @Sony72! The battle was great but I had to watch the end twice lol. Sansa’s smirk was also epic lol. I can’t believe only one more episode already! Ugh. Now we will have to wait for The Walking Dead lol. In the meantime I will finish watching The Bachlorette and watch Bachelor in Paradise. :slight_smile: