When will Crystal be restocked

I love the Crystal kit and she has been “temporally out of stock” for such a long time , that now I am beginning to be concerned that she is being discontinued. I really hope this isn’t the case.She is one of my favorites. Has anyone heard yet of reason she is still not available? :disappointed_relieved:

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She’s not on the restock list for March, here 'Out Of Stock' Kits

So it says April or later. She’s not on the discontinued page.
Both of these are pinned at the top of the forum for future reference. :wink:

I don’t know but I do know that me and some others are waiting for EASTON and he has been out of stock FOREVER. if he is going to be discontinued I wish they would tell us so we can STOP WAITING. So many of the other doll have be stocked and restocked several time and he still hasn’t show up!!! What the heck gives???

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And it would be nice to know if JEWEL and LULU are going to be restocked. I have had so many requests for them and just have to keep on telling people I have no clue if they are coming back.

Lulu is on the list for March. Of course, I haven’t been around long enough to know how accurate the list / timeframes are.

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Yea!!! I hadn’t checked the list. That is GOOD news! Now if only they would restock Jewel. :pensive:

Just saw the announcement about the time-frame on restocking the out of stock kits. Good to know these aren’t being discontinued . :smile:

WOW I just bought a Crystal kit about 2 weeks ago. They had them on sale for $19.98

I am pretty sure she is referring to newborn Crystal, there are 2 Crystal’s one is newborn and one is a little older and a lot chubbier

There are several kits that I am waiting to be restocked, Crystal, Easton, Sienna, Camryn, Spencer, and Londyn(supposed to be restocked sometime in March) but the rest aren’t listed so they are supposed to be in April or later. Ugh!

I understand what you guys are saying. It’s frustrating, especially for those of you with waiting orders. “Or later” is not really a helpful “timeframe”

Don’t hold your breath too long-----I have been waiting for Easton for FOREVER. Does anyone know if it is BB that places the orders for these doll kits or is it that the factory that is making them just not MAKING them??? I mean I know BB has to order them but can they only order what is being made at the time??? How does this work, why are they not getting some kits that have been out for sooooooo long???

I noticed that some of the ones scheduled to be restocked this month are not even out of stock, I would definitely think that that they would be trying to stock what they are sold out of before they stock more of what they already have. I am also waiting for Celeste.

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