When people see a reborn for the first time

Please everyone watch this! I watch this YouTube channel all the time and they have seen a reborn for the first time. And it’s an alternative. Please keep in mind that they are not gentle with it like we are and I cringed watching it. It’s worth the watch though.


Baby Secret is terrifying. :1st_place_medal:


That’s an NPK doll.

They are total idiots.

That was funny!

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Well what would they think of a reborn with the breathing apparatus and a voice box. LOL

Yeah, baby secret is creepy… that reborn is a donna rupert, is it holly?

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Haha I love Rhett and Link :joy: I did cringe when they brought out that reborn though! It was clearly an alternative and they kept saying t was made for people who have lost a baby and I’m like noooo! Don’t make us look like weirdos! That zombie baby is not made for grieving mothers :sweat:


Haha, I was hoping they would have a many faces, those things are so creepy. lol

I had that Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faves :slight_smile: had a lot of fun with it, lol

I watched that episode last night. The reborn doll just didn’t fit. The rest of the dolls were mass produced and were not intended to be creepy. They just accidentally turned out that way. If the gal who presented the reborn doll had actually come up with an antique grave doll, that would have been impressive. And, yes, probably creepy by our standards, since we are so far removed from death in our modern society… However, the alternate reborn doll that she presented was created to be creepy and, IMHO, was not in the same category as the other “accidentally” creepy dolls. Finally, no offense to the reborn artist, but that was also not a very well done reborn, again, only my opinion.

Now, the whole idea of grave dolls or Victorian mourning dolls is quite similar to a reborn artists making a memorial baby today.

It is interesting how some traditions of 150 years ago have come full circle. In our modern society with an extremely low infant mortality rate, again, we are far removed from death and the mourning that goes along with it. For the few who do experience the death of a child to seek a memorial doll is really not so odd, considering it is at least a 150 year old tradition.