What's the Going Rate for Boo-Boo Baby Parts?

OK So…I patched chubby face, but discovered I don’t have the patience OR skills to repaint the spot and actually make it match the rest of his face. I tried and it started looking horrible so I whipped off what I could and left it alone. Other than his oven scar I think he’s very nicely painted. I’m more than likely just going to buy another Spencer kit and start over, but I don’t want to waste his body and materials on the boo-boo parts. So I was thinking about listing him on FB in the Boo-Boo baby group, but only as a painted kit, not a completed baby. Do you think $20-25 + shipping is too much to ask for Boo-Boo baby bits, with shipping he’d be about $35-40 for his head, limbs and full tummy plate.Too much?

My Next option is to scrap Spencer’s boo-boo head and pair floating head Jarome with Spencer’s limbs and plate…hoping I can get close to matching the skin color. Do you think he looks odd with these limbs?


I think you did very well on his painting and should try a blemish, my son had eczema bad on his cheeks… and it may cover the spot well.

I think you are selling the painted kit too low if you go that route! And I think Jerome’s head is too long for Spencer’s limbs…

That being said here are pics of my son’s cheeks





I agree with @jlesser


I agree with the others but if you want to sale it that low I will buy him and make him a pretty birth mark haha.


ok new discovery, whatever I try will need to involve adding texture, like some sort of raised birthmark etc. I thought the gouged area was completely smooth but it’s not so it doesn;t look right when painted over. I will first need to build it up a bit more with thick medium or sculpy then paint it. Maybe a port wine stain or something like this

@jlesser @wispywillowrebo
Were the red areas on your babies raised or smooth?

I’ll keep you posted on his surgery lol, and if it doesn’t work he’ll be on his way.


Depended on the day and what “medicine” was used. Some of the Dr’s suggestions were awful. Vaseline made his cheeks dry, crack and flake then bleed.

Some lotions and Eucerine cream made it super red and irritated.

The picture with the animal print kind of has texture… just not as red that day.


Those baby boys are so adorable. :smile: and I love your Spencer.


I hope you can save him because he’s adorable! :heart_eyes:

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I’d make it a birthmark and sell him at full price. He’s very nicely done. Jarome’s head definitely doesn’t fit.


I think the head looks too small and the boo boo isn’t un fixable,give it a go . A birth mark or match close, smooth it out with acetone on q tip I wouldn’t scrap him he is adorable and your coloring is great on him one of the cutest Spensers I’ve :heart_eyes_cat:seen…

If you decide to sale him for $35.00 plus shipping let me know I’ll buy the little darling.:smiley_cat:


Who ever gets him is lucky!!! Keep us posted on what you decide to do!

Ok Ladies, I’m really having a time with this. Nothing I do seems to cover the actual slit and it looks really bad to me. Depending on the light he’s in and hos he’s positioned it’s a bit less noticeable…but it’s still there lurking lol. I haven’t baked the birthmark so it can be removed. Any suggestions on what to do now?

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I think I would file it and then redo the center of the birthmark, which looks really good.


I think you are on the right track! :heart:

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Use emeryoard gently so you can see it easily andhave control.

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