Whats the first reborn you kept or first you bought

Done before i know …but what was the first reborn you made and kept or bought.?
.Mine is Avery.I still love this sculpt so much Reminds me of my own chubby babies I adore her feet and hands SEE THE FEET? cute…and look on her face.Her hair wasnt the best maybe the worst… her shading on body parts wasnt very good but i still love her face and how i did it .Got lucky…But can you ruin THIS FACE?Im not a doll collector so far except for her


Sweet baby. :slight_smile: My first was Leah. I see all my mistakes, but she turned out cute. I like her little face. I may have to do that kit again sometime.


My very first was a Sparrow head from Secrist which I worked on for months before getting him a body. I stripped his head 4 different times as I got better at painting. I changed his body twice. I wanted him to look like my little grandson when he was born. It’s been almost two years ago, and now I see where I could have done better on him. But I love him because, to me, he looks like my little Junior.


My first was a China kit my daughters kept her. But the one I have kept so far is sailor rose


the only one I have ever kept is my child sized fairy doll. I never could get the price I was asking for her. So I decided she will stay with me, unless someone offers a decent amount. She was a LOT of work. Hand made heavy duty wire wings and all. Shes about 32 inches tall with hand made ears.


Well, i’ve never kept any i’ve made, but the first I made was Sienna. The first I bought for myself was Jaden, I think.

The first one I kept for myself that I made was Felicia by Shawna Clymer
Cora Grace

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All done so well although i realize some you kept first werent the first you did still…beautiful babies!!