What's the difference between ultra blue and ultramarine blue?

Hi ladies! I’m in the process of purchasing aprimary and earth tone paint set. One of the sets comes with ultra blue the other comes with ultramarine blue. What’s the difference? Thank y’all :grinning:

What paint is it?

If it is GHSP, my guess is that someone did not enter the full name and they are both talking about ultramarine blue.


It’s air dry

I was thinking the same thing as Carmen…Ultra Blue is probably a condensed name of Ultramarine Blue. To be sure, I’d ask the seller.

The seller said it’s ultra blue not ultramarine blue. I asked her the difference. Haven’t heard back yet. Figured I’d get a second opinion :wink:. I’ll let y’all know what she says :slight_smile:

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What brand is it? Someone here may use the same paint and be able to help.

Oh… then I do not know. Sorry! Hope they reply with answers! :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:! It’s from New Beginnings Nursery…

I really love her paint! She said that the difference is usually just different name for different name brand. I’m not sure what name brand she uses. I figured that might be too much to ask since she mixes and sales her paint. Lol. I don’t know proper etiquette when it comes to that :blush:I didn’t want to step on her toes. Lol

Does PB29 mean “Phthalo blue”?

Thanks so much Debbie :slight_smile:! You’re always so helpful and a very bright woman!!! Just from the short time I’ve been a member here I’ve picked up on your intelligence :slight_smile: Not everyone understands us artsy folks but, that’s alright they don’t have too. As long as you’re being fulfilled and using the gifts God gave you that’s all that counts :wink: God bless you as well :grinning: