What's the difference between baby's skin and flesh

which one do you use first baby’s skin then flash then your modeling or is skin and flash the same thing just wondering if anybody could tell me that would be great I just started reborning and I’ve only done five I’m trying to experiment and make my work a little more realistic

There are many colors of flesh. You can use baby skin , I think it has more of a pinky hue to it than flesh8. I haven’t seen baby skin in awhile though, that is going by memory.

Baby skin is pinkish and very light. The flesh tones are incremental from very pale through ethnic tones. I only use baby skin on my very fair skinned babies.

Ok thank you guys…I am trying to do my.painting to look more realistic I’ll post a picture of the last baby I did anybody have any ideas or suggestions that

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I think she is beautiful… I might have to order more baby skin!

What did u use on her lips? I love the color. I am going through a super pinky phase right now!

THANK YOU…SHE IS MY 5th Reborn I made…I just used the lip,blush,nail…stuff mixed it really lightly and did a few lightly layered…I am trying to go for the realistic realism as I can but I’m not quite satisfied yet I do like the lips so but I am working on trying to bring the skin out to look more real and have more Depp

She’s precious , such a sweet face. What’s the name of this kit ?

The best advice I was given is to order an ebook from Laura attarouchi(not spelled right) look up real reborn.com or dollsbysandie.com. She has many ebook tutorials, and they are amazing. She also goes online classes. I emailed her with your exact wish… And she recommend that I try the advanced newborn ebook. It’s amazing so far, it tweaks all the details. Check it out… I think it’s what you want! Next for me is her tutorial… New life begins. It was recommended to me by the ladies on this site. I am hooked. Beware to re ready to order colors you don’t have… I needed a couple:/) let me know what you think!

wow thank you so much for the advice I will definitely let you know once I check it out how I like it thank you again so much

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THANK U…it’s the Ben kit from bountiful baby I customized it to look like a girl

Lara Antonucci’s ebooks are here:


She also has a forum:



Thanks Amy… I still haven’t figured out the link think with my phone!

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At night, I’m on my Tablet and I get frustrated because I can’t do everything I can do on my computer. I can’t stand FB and ebay on there; they’re just too different. :frowning:

I know it! It will help you not to use the apps… Go to the actual web address. I hate not having my computer! But… I am getting pretty good on my phone!:clap::smiley::+1:t3:

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THANK you…I am gonna try and check it out on my phone :slight_smile:


Trust me, you’ll NEVER be satisfied, LOL. There is always something new and exciting to try. It’s so much fun!


Nichole, I do use the browser to acces the sites but it recognizes I’m on a “device” and shows me the mobile view. :frowning:

Oh no! Well, it’s hard to see on a little screen anyways!:smiley:

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