What's popular in your opinion?

What in your opinion is popular right now?

Cuddle, Normal or Full Body?

Anything you want to mention. I’m just curious and figured a post might help people who are new to selling. (Like me lol)


I pick all the above. I really do love the full limbs babies.

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I like full limbs for clothing options. Cuddle babies are my favorite for snuggling, though, especially if they have 1/4 limbs. Details are important as they add to the realism.


I love the full limb clothing options too. I get all mine from Carter’s. They usually have a lot of good deals.


I had to go look at some of the new Sage babies, and I love the Newborn Sage. Her little face is so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love her too. I can’t wait to be able to paint her.

Full limbs
Cuddle babies on BBs cuddle bodies only
Size 18”
Chubby cheeks
Slightly opened mouth that can still take mag paci
Closed hands
Splayed out toes
Legs curls in womb position
Relaxed face or slight smile
Multiracial facial features

These are some things I like


Happy Babies seem very popular like Maddie’s, Avas and Kodi Bears.

Cuddle babies seem popular as well, usually ones under $400 seem to sell quite quickly.

Delilah is super popular atm. Like everyone seems to really love her.

Silicones are always popular, in a way, especially if they are under $1,000.


I can’t wait either. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I totally agree with all this. Esp after 2020, we need more happy faces and cuddle bodies.

Cuddle bodies seem to have a legitimate place in a collection now as a source of comfort rather than just as a way to cut costs on a reborn.

Adding to this, AA, biracial, and other non caucasian reborns seem to sell quickly. I know because I’m always on the lookout for them. Even the poorly painted ones get snapped up.

Personally I can’t bring myself to live with a face that looks inconsolable or even mildly uncomfortable.


How do folks get silicone under $1,000? Do you mean like cuddle ones or smaller ones? I’m curious because there is zero chance I’m going to be able to list any of mine under a thousand. They were $800 for a partial kit with cloth body and nearly $1,000 for each full body. I’m not counting Teenie Tom (the 6 inch one).

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I’ve seen regular sized silicones for sale under $1,000. They are boo-boos usually or have various flaws.

Normally they come from those who make the mold/sculpt themselves.

I think there were a few I saw that were FBS and partial as well. But like I said, they usually have big, big boo-boos or a lot of flaws.

There might have been some cuddles too but I’ve seen others under $1,000 as well.

There’s a full body silicone baby on Reborns listed for $679, pre-loved. I can happen 🤷


I see. I wasn’t even considering anything less than desirable or cuddle ones. Thank you! I feel better knowing that what I’m painting doesn’t go under $1,000 unless it becomes a booboo.

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