What's going on? Are the kits going to be restocked?

I noticed most of the kits are gone. Is there a crisis? Is BB going out of business?

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pandemic, yo


There is definitely a crisis… It’s COVID-19. I don’t believe they are going out of business, just waiting like the rest of the world.


Kits are poured over seas… factories closed, shipping stalled (due to coronavirus)… it is slowly reopening.
They are slowly restocking.

We all just need patience. With EVERY legit kit dealer.


Well,I’ve been off the grid for a bit I was just asking.

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Restocking just about everywhere has been more difficult since the pandemic started. BB can’t get the kits. It took 4 months to get the mohair I ordered from Russia. Flights were grounded so shipping couldn’t happen. Even ordering in the US is taking longer these days.


They’re not going out of business. Due to the pandemic many factories are closed and shipping is very difficult. They just have hardly any stock right now.


I’ve been worried that they may decide to only stock realborns :confused: I really hope not, because there’s so many I would be sad to see Discontinued.


Why would they do that? I see no reason why they’d stop stocking kits that still sell just fine.


I have no idea ,lol. Just a thought that occurred to me :thinking: I guess because they don’t really produce that many new “regular” kits anymore?

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I had the same thought. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of new, hand sculpted kits anymore.


I have a large stash of BB kits and have my seconds listed and some regular kits. If you are looking for a Realborn I do have extras with COA’s also. I will never get to all of them.

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Do you have Ashley awake l missed getting her she’s out of stock now

Let me know what you have. My email is mykidzof10@gmail.com. I would love to purchase some from you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will go check and get back to you. I have Ashley’s ,2w/COA and a second. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Ok thank you

Hi I have 70 kits and it would take for ever to list them. I have a listing on here BB 2nds, regs and big joes If you are looking for Realborns with COA’s I have 30 let me know what you are interested in. TY


Seconds is ok if you have Ashley awake all I need

Hi sorry all 3 are Ashley Asleep. :roll_eyes:

I can’t find your listing. Could you tell me how to locate it? Thank you very much! :blush: