What would you do about this?

I have someone who wants to buy my Kammie but shre wants to pay with a money order. I have recently found out that banks no longer consider money orders or cashiers checks to be the same as cash. My Nursery does say PayPal only. Part of me wants this customer to be able to buy it but I don’t want to get scammed and have to pay bank fees and PayPal fees. If I allow her to pay with a money order I will make it very clear that the doll will not be shipped until the money order has cleared. I did do this for another customer, who was as surprised by the new policies as I was, but it ended up being fine. The money order cleared, she was delighted with her baby and everyone was happy. This is why I’m on the fence as to whether I should never break my PayPal only rule or do it on an individual basis if someone requests it. What do you think?


Someone recently paid me with a United States Postal Money Order. They can only be purchased and cashed at the USPS. They are supposedly more secure than normal money orders. I’m going to cash if tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it goes. It goes well it may be a good option for you and your potential customers.

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I think you should allow it Jean… As long as you make sure it’s a real money order. There are fake ones going around… But, if it checks out, why not? :heart:

Thanks, Nikki. That’s kind of what I’m thinking. I did e-mail her, though, to ask if she could pay with PayPal. I haven’t heard back yet.

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PayPal is super easy to pay with, even without a bank or debit card. If that’s the reason she wants/needs to pay with a money order, she can go to almost any store, buy a PayPal card and put the amount she needs on it at the store. I’d tell her for her protection and yours, PayPal will cover both your butts if something happens to go wrong. But then again, if you Just make sure the money order is real and it cashes without any problems then I don’t see any problems with that either. Like you said, just wait to ship anything out until you have your money.

Before I knew about using prepaid credit cards through PayPal I used money orders. If anything the person buying is more at risk because it would be very easy for a seller to claim they never got the money order even though they did. I would be willing to accept it as payment, but explain to her the item will not be shipped until the money order has cleared. Hopefully nothing happens to the MO while in the process of being delivered. Some postal workers will steal out of cards and packages. I haven’t had it happen to me, but I’ve heard lots of stories and even received some mail that’s been opened (but nothing of value). Everything should be just fine. However, if you really don’t like dealing outside of PayPal just stick to your guns. Another buyer will come along, or she might manage to find another way to pay you. :slight_smile:

I’d take the deal! If it doesn’t clear then you won’t be out anything except the time the doll was not available for sale. Hopefully, the check will clear, you’ll ship and the transaction is totally complete. No way for the buyer to get a refund via PayPal. This actually works out better for you in the long run. Plus, no PayPal fees. :slight_smile:


Amy is brilliant!!! Totally Amy!

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LOL!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My MIL sends my children cards for most holidays. It makes me so nervous because she always sends cash. They have gotten cards with fifty-dollar bills in them.

I would accept a postal money order only. They seem to be safest.

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Do you request they send it certified? I didn’t even think about someone saying they sent it when they didn’t.

Totally!!! It needs to be certified! That way you can both track it also❤️

I agree with Amy too, no PayPal fees and if she’s not paying thru PayPal then she’s not protected thru them either so she can’t say she wants a refund for some absurd reason like you see some buyers do. Your not out anything but your time if the money order never comes or does not cash. But if if it’s a postal MO then all should be Good.

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It would be in the buyers’ best interest to send the MO certified, but it isn’t necessary. If the check is lost or stolen, then, obviously, there will be no record of YOU depositing the check. Therefore, NO liability on your part. :smile:

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