What to mix reborn paints with

Hello I am switching over to reborn fx and golden paints i am going to get both brands and mix because I know a lot of people mix these two brands I was wondering when mixing this paint do I need to add anything any other mediums? To it before I put it on the Vinyl doll kit? Or just the distilled water ? I know you can add a bunch of different things to it by choice but is there anything I must add thanks I will be using both golden and reborn FX and I will be using the reborn fx mat varnish and sealer to prevent fading

Just the medium, retarder and water.

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Will this work


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Yes they are what I use and like them

Those are perfect. Do not add more than 30% water. If you need to dilute things even further you can add in some Flow Medium as well, even if you have already added some Fluid Matte Medium. If you have those products, you can use them with the RebornFX paints and do not need to buy the RebornFX mediums (Emulsion, Dilutent, OpenTime) because they are essentially the same thing.

Hunnybunns Nursery air dry mediums i have found work for most air dry paints. I would def recommend her flow medium and her adhesion additive for paints that need help sticking a little more. As mentioned,use as little water as possible , with each layer you do the water will break down the binding of the paint. When that happens you will start to get spots that rub off etc. Learned that the hard way starting out. I have only used air dry paints love them

Jo Sonjas Flow Medium works with all brands of air dry paints.

Adhesion additive would be the same thing as Fluid Matte Medium.

Jo Sonjas also makes a very good retarder.

These are 3 staple items in my supplies and they all work with all acrylic paints.

Thanks for the link to the Retarder I hadn’t thought about buying that rather than the golden since the golden is super expensive, btw the flow medium is $6 from blicks for 8oz, and the Retarder is $7 currently for 8oz, obviously not free shipping unless you order a bunch of stuff from them but still! Might be a curbside pickup thing!

Also! I use the flow medium and agree it’s really good!

Yea, I have ordered a lot from ■■■■ Blick. I have amazon prime so shipping is free but sometimes it is still cheaper to order at ■■■■ Blick even with the shipping cost. I just posted the amazon links because they were easy to find.

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