What to do with these?

Hello there, I am new!

I have a LLE Miracle head and tummy plate, I am not sure what to do with them??
Is it possible to still get her limbs? Would it just be better to sell the head and tummy plate?

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You won’t find the limbs, but someone would probably love to buy the head…

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thank you! I contacted LLE to see if she would POSSIBLY have some extra limbs though i knew it was a huge stretch… but i am curious if shed even have another pair of extra limbs from another kit of similar size Miracle is.

what do you think would be a reasonable price for a Miracle head? I have seen a couple of Miracle kits or other LLE long sold out kits go for $500+USD but those are obv full kits… I have no idea what id ask for just the head lol!

Maybe someone will have a clue? I would guess $200

I’d use 20" limbs from BB and make it a full baby.

im hoping LLE gets back with me and possibly has extra limbs even if from another kit thats similar size. Otherwise I may do that, thank you!

thank you!