What to do if someone doesn't pay

This is the first time I have had this problem can anyone tell me what I should do?
I have sent two invoices and today is the last day to pay!
Should I email her are just wait til after the dead line?
And then what if she doesn’t pay?

If she doesn’t pay by today, send her a friendly email alerting her to this problem. In the email you should explain that failure to pay will cause you to go for intermediary help from ebay. Go to
where you can learn more of what you can do. Good luck!

Thanks Karen!! hope I won’t need to but who knows!!!

Ebay will work with you i have had some np best of luck.

Thanks Ladies I sent her a second invoice and she sent the money so every thing turned out OK!!!


I was getting worried Most every one have paid right away, So I just jumped the gun a little Sorry!!!

No need to apologize. At least now you know what steps to take in the event that someone doesn’t pay in the future.

I HOPE that I never need it!! LOL I really think there are more good people in this old world than there are bad, its just the bad ones get more attention!
Thanks Karen