What step do YOU forget to do?

You would think I would learn, but I must be dense. Again, I forgot baby’s eyebrows. After rooting, I had to paint, moisten the towel wrap, and bake. I hate that.
Then I stuffed the head and weighted it, used E6000 for the plug. And realized I hadn’t sealed the hair from the inside. Out comes everything, and me in a sticky mess. I hate that, too!
What do you forget to do?

I forgot to root lashes on my last baby – even did a photo shoot and everything with NO LASHES Finally noticed…DUH…had to take her head off, root, seal, and retake her pictures afterward. I bet I won’t forget again!

I have forgotten nailtips- thank God I use airdry paint and could fix it right on the doll-vs. taking her apart

I forgot that I needed to stuff the head before glossing the eyes. That was a mess!

For some reason, when I paint the hands, I always forget the thumbs! I’ve leaned to do a thorough check before I throw anything in the oven (I mean, thumbs? It’s not like they’re hard to see!)

I’ve forgotten to sign and date the bottom of the neck flange on the heads of lots of my babies before attaching the head to the body. Poor babies then have to listen to me calling myself some not so nice things while having their heads removed so I can fix the problem and then zip tie it back in place. I guess I just get so excited to finish one of my babies that it slips my mind, but these are difficult births! LOL

my most frequent forget is the finger nails… and then the eyebrows

Yes, i did once spent most of the morning on photoshoot, only to realise the moment I started to work on the photos that I forgot the eyelashes. But I never forget anything to paint; I keep carefully looking at every part all over every time I pick it up for the next layer; i do not declare it finished until I am happy that all the details (each painted with number of layers) is OK. I was going to say “perfect”, but if I waited for perfection, I never finish As soon as I complete rooting I glue it in, so no chance to forget it

It’s good to know I’m in good company with some of the best! I thought it was just me who got so excited to finish a baby that I forgot something! I even made myself a list…I don’t look at it! Duh!

Haha well I can say I have just completed my 300th baby the other day and so far I have only forgotten once to do eyebrows, and thumb nail and the magnet for the dummy twice. LOL I think once you forget something you always look for that thing. I work on a few babies at once and have a post it note with their name on and what layers I have done. Keeps me from going insane!!

Magnets for pacifier inside----frequently. Lashes and brows sometimes. I have a checklist that is in a see-through sheet. Helps a lot. I’m like others—anxious to get the baby put together.

When I first started I actually was so excited to put the baby together that I would put the limbs on and forget to stuff the body part for the limb…or I would put the wrong limb on!! LOL!!!

Eyebrows! I forget those pesky things way too often.

eyebrows are the biggie for me to forget. Probably because I am not good at them and do them last.