What size diaper fits Kenzie n shoe size

What size diaper does Kenzie wear? I have a size 5 on her, that I had from my grandson. But it’s too big. Has anyone put shoes on her? Her toes are curled.

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I used a size 3 shoe, I believe. He’s with my grandma so I will ask her. And I used a size 4 diaper :slight_smile:


Thank you

Yep definitely size 4 diapers for Kenzie

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I actually brought a size of 2 diapers last nite. I was feeling the size of the diapers in the pack. The 4 felt big to me. Then I was gonna get the size 3. Then they felt big as well. Then I was looking at the weight size per size ( as if she was a real baby , lol) so I ended up with the size 2 diaper brand of peoples Choce. They are thin. It fits good. I could have gone with a 3 too.

I think I have the Parents Choice brand from Walmart…I took the chance on the size 4…to me they fit just a tiny bit big but not much. And since I dont plan on making another huge baby and I had pretty much a whole pack I sent some to @MilosMeadows :grinning: and also I think Kenzie fits into 12 month clothes. She is a big girl…lol

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Yup, I remember that :slight_smile: My grandma still has him in size 4 diapers too, size 3 should fit though too. And the shoes were size 3. I used size 4 shoes on Liam Brown who is much bigger and has bigger feet. But Amelia/Kenzie have fat feet lol


I haven’t tried any shoes yet. I have some pink ballerina like shoes that she should be able to fit. I thought it said she wear size 6 months in clothes? I guess I’ll find out this weekend.