What size clothing would Grant/Easton wear?

I am planning to make boy twins, only because I’ve bought two sets of twin outfits these past two weeks. Now I need twin kits. What size do you think the six month Easton/Grant would wear? Thanks!

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depending on the brand . mine has 3-6 months

Typically 3-6 M

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Thanks, too big. You would think I would have two kits that would work for twins, but I don’t. I hope the regular size Grant/Easton will work. They just look like little boys to me.

Yeah since they are 6 month sized they wear 3-6M. There’s many kits that could work as twins.

What size are the outfits?

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Some of the larger 3-6 month clothes will fit, but most everything I have for that kit is size 6 months.


Everything I had for Easton was size 6 month, too, so that’s what I’ve ordered for Grant. LOVE these bigger babies!

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I found the Carter’s 3-6 fits but is a little tight across the shoulders. The 6-9 fits better.

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