What size clothing for Laura?

Haven’t painted her yet, but if she wears 0/3 month I have to SHOP! :smiley:

Oh, darn, huh?

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I know, gosh, I just hate having to shop for more baby clothes! :rofl:

I just made a Laura and she fits good in NB


Thank you, Rosa :two_hearts:

Oh no, not shopping! Sneaks looks at carters. honestly, I’ve really gotten into crocheting and I want to crochet a little layette set for her.


Mine can fit 0-3 month just fine! Her legs are long so I feel newborn pants wouldn’t work as well as 0-3. I put a newborn onesie on her today and it’s almost tight! I’m going to be getting some 0-3 month outfits for her for when she gets sent home. It can be ever so slightly loose but I’d rather it be slightly loose than tight fitting. Her size is simar to Levi, so I feel both clothing sizes can work. :two_hearts:

I guess it can depend on brands. I have put her in 0-3 from Carter’s and Disney Baby. (0-3 Disney Baby pajama pants were almost too short!)


All over the place on sizing! :rofl: This is a 3-6 month sleeper lol.


Oh wow! Well, I’m very well stocked on newborn sized clothes but have very few 0/3 month things soooooo…guess I’ll be shopping. Darn. That’s too bad :grinning::joy: Gotta make sure she has plenty of options!


She’s a bigger sized baby but newborn can fit! But I’m probably going to size up because it’s hard to get her arms though newborn sleeves


Good to know, thanks!