What size clothes for these 4 Realborn Dolls

I need to know what size clothes these four dolls have to wear?
I plan on buying and selling these dolls on my Etsy store to make some money while I’m in college. Can someone please let me know what size clothes I need to purchase for these four dolls

I would think newborn size , according to their length.

ok thank you

At a stretch, dolls 18-21" can wear newborn/ 0000 clothing
Dolls 16-19" can wear tiny baby/ 00000 clothing (depends on the body of course)

Dolls 26" like my Emma Stoete wears 9-12 months and Arianna 28" wears 12/ 12-18 months.

Ultimately it depends on the cut of the garment and the shape of the doll, but Evelyn and Elizabeth are 19 and 20 inches long, and Miya and Macey are 18 and 19 inches long. So they’d go in newborn and small newborn quite nicely :slight_smile:

I had the same college-funding idea as you; except I chose Realborn Emma!

Miya is pretty tiny. Mine wears preemie as newborn is too big.