What size clothes and shoes does the Kenzie kit wear?

I’m getting a Kenzie kit. And I’m
Not sure what size clothes she wears. Some say 6-9 months and some say 18 months. Should I get 18 months? I’m also not sure what size shoe she wears.

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The Kenzie crawler kit by Donna RuBert? The babies of similar size I’ve done have all worn 9 month clothing. She’s definitely too small for 18 month clothing, and almost certainly too small for 12 month, too. Someone who has her can probably measure her feet for you, but since her feet are curled you may need to go a size up from her measurements to ensure you can actually get the shoes on her feet!! Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you! The artist that has her is painting her atm. She said she’d measure later. But I’m so
Anxious! And I’m not sure what Kenzie’s artist is. Here’s a picture I found on google of the Kenzie kit of what I’m talking about. Hope this helps!


I love this version of Kenzie. I’m still working on mine (needs hair) but looking at her feet, I’m thinking she needs knitted/crocheted, soft sole ones that bend, or cute socks. I bought some really pretty soft soled shoes from Wish.com. They say newborn but they fit Kenzie perfectly and I have to say I wouldn’t want to give birth to a baby with feet that size! I haven’t put her together yet but I have 9 month size clothes for her. She’s very close in size to Kitten and she wears 9 month and some 9-12 months depending on manufacturer and style of clothes.

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I did Amelia, Kenzie’s sister, and she wore a size 3 shoe with 9-12 mo. clothing.

But I made her a boy :blush:


Thank you all! This has been really helpful!

Just so everyone knows I got her! And she’s beautiful!


I love that version.

Thank you!

@EMsnusery she is beautiful! Congratulations on your new baby!

Thank you so much!

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