What setting should I put my oven at to dry a washed kit?

Just got my saskia and I am so excited to get started but I need her dry first!

I just let them air dry. Doesn’t take long

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You can dry them off with a towel too :wink:. Also be sure to swipe around inside with a paper towel in case any water got inside. I’ve had a few drip on me a few days later and mess up my paint :grimacing:

And that was the time I dried it in the oven

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I have no experience with this, but others have said, or I have read someplace, that drying with a towel increases the fuzzies. Not sure if it is true, but thought I’d mention it.


I decided to wipe her down with a towel, but I have a large powder brush to get the fluffs😉

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I just let my washed kits sit on a drying rack for 24 hours. I don’t let water get inside my limbs.

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What Lynn said. Water collects inside the fingertips if you soak the kit and water gets into the limbs. I dry mine for 24 hours on a rack so that air can circulate and get up inside the ends of the limbs.

I air dry over night and also only wash the outside of the kit.