What sealer/varnish are you using

Gah! What is everyone using these days??

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I just sealed with matte and thinning mixed. Oops and satin mixed in

I use Golden matte, soft touch, GHSP matte/satin and deco art ultra matte. Sometimes I mix them, sometimes layer certain ones, it kind of depends.

I use DecoArt DuraClear Ultra Matte for the first seal and Americana Soft Touch Varnish for the final.

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I use heatset paint and always start out with ghsp matte and as we all know it’s getting hard to find. I was wondering if I could start out with varnish that’s not heatset🤔

Air dry varnishes work over heatset.


I want to use soft touch but cannot find it anywhere! Ughh :weary:

jerrysartarama.com has an expected delivery date of 9/30/21 for Americana Soft Touch Varnish. Keep an eye out. You can request in stock notification.

This date keeps getting pushed back farther and farther. :cry: I ordered a long time ago from there and still haven’t gotten it.

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They haven’t been able to get it.

I have some Soft touch that I mix with cornstarch, and some Golden matte polymer…I dont like any shine on my babies…grrr

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