What sculpt is this baby? (Found!)

I’m thinking maybe it’s Rieke by Linde Schere?


Idk but I love this one! So fun!

Sure looks like Rieke.

I don’t think that’s Rieke. I can’t figure out what sculpt it’s from though

Who’s the artist that made the doll? Maybe they will know what sculpt it is from

I tried asking her but she never responded. I think there’s a slim possibility it’s the Ruby sculpt but I just can’t be sure.

I thought it might have been BB Kitten Rubert but I don’t think the nose is right

I’m thinking it’s not Kitten but she sort of does resemble her!

I think it looked like a scherer or a stoete sculpt

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This is my Rieke

She is cute, but I think Rieke’s lips are thinner

I believe that’s an Adrie Stoete kit but I can’t think of the name!

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Is it Celeste?? @Wyattsmommy

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I thought Reike by L. Scherer as well…What size is she…Reike is about 20"…don’t think it is Celeste…she is a 28 inch toddler…

I’m not sure of her size but I think she wears pretty big clothes. They used Lulu limbs so maybe it could be Celeste. :heart:

I don’t think it’s Celeste - she doesn’t have an open mouth.

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Just wanted to let everyone know I finally found out the sculpt. It’s Greta by Adrie Stoete :wink:

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