What’s the scoop on Lelou?

I absolutely love this kit. But it looks like she was popular in 2016 and then she disappeared til now. Was she supposed to be limited edition? Or was she “limited first edition”? I want her…but not if she was originally sold with the intention of never being released again.


I wanna know too cuz I want her too!!

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@jlesser do you know?

Worthpoint says she was a limited edition of 250.

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Does it say if first edition was 250 or was that supposed to be the only edition?

It doesn’t specify it as a first edition. It says limited edition of 250 worldwide with body and COA.

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I am not sure and didn’t take a pic of a coa or anything when I painted one in 2016

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Here’s mine about 3 yrs ago


She is adorable, but has 3/4 limbs - not for me :sob:


What’s the verdict?? Can we buy her with a clean conscious?

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I don’t know. :weary:

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I wonder which Facebook group would be good to ask on.

Wonder if Nicky creations would reply?
They are who produced them… or maybe asking Evelina

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I have her. Bought her almost 2 years ago from a forum member. Didn’t give me a COA. As a matter of fact none of the Wosnjuk babies I have came with one. I love their faces. I need to look this weekend at which ones I have…

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