What Reborn kit is this?

Hi there everybody! I was just wondering what reborn doll kit this is. I think she is adorable and I have been seeing her picture on the bountiful baby bodies examples. Here’s a picture of her:

Does Bountiful Baby carry her kit? I like this doll and I’m just wondering who she is.

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Thats Paisley and yes they have her in stock. Supplies - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

When I looked at the pictures they don’t look the same:

When I looked under the doll’s name on the picture, it said she was HSE’s Katie. So I wasn’t sure what kit she is. Paisley is very cute too!


I don’t know who she is but I don’t think she is the Paisley kit. Her limbs are different and her eyes aren’t as squinty. Hopefully someone knows the answer or you can ask BB.

I thought she could be Violet, but the toes are different. Of-course, limbs get sometimes swapped, and there is no guarantee she is a BB kit.

You could search through the BB gallery to see if you can spot her.


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Maybe it’s an older paisley ?

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That could be. Maybe someone who has been around BB for awhile will know.

I think she’s probably a super old discontinued kit. That pic has been on BB FOREVER as their stock body pic. Maybe it’s one of their very first kits that they discontinued?