What out fit for Goldilocks?

I’m making a Goldilocks and Three bears doll from a Blaze kit… I’m going to make her dress from an Victorian era pattern
patterns were designed by Betty Bailey of Lincoln Mold Company at http://www.lincolnmold.com

What dress pattern screams Goldilocks to you? Not the material or colors just the patterns…




I think that #1 looks more like something a child would wear than # 2…

I LOVE #2 but I guess #1 looks more like a pattern for a toddler. Hard top decide, though. I can sooooooooooo see #2 in a soft, powdery victorian blue with venice lace for trim…sigh…
can wait to see what you end up doing! It’ll be gorgeous, no matter which one you decide on!

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I plan to check out that company “lincoln” you mentioned too. I am always interested in period clothing especially when I can up date it and use it for BJD’s, or Ellowyne Wilde. I dress American girls too.

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I didn’t make either dress, they are samples from the website.

Not to turn this into a advertisement… Actually, Lincoln Mold already adapted the real Victorian patterns into doll sizes.

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#2 in a soft, powdery victorian blue with venice lace for trim…sigh…

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I think we’re on the same page, lol.
Blue/periwinkle silk Dupioni with beige/pinkish trim



Or a light yellow silk Dupioni with dusty blue trim.



Who knows it can all change once I enter the fabric store, lol.

YESSSSSSSSS!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that blue periwinkle!!! Venice lace just grabs my heart on ANYTHING…yep…we are most definitely on the same page.

i picked this one… Mubby and son are going to See superman 3d so I will be next door at Joanne Fabrics, lol.

Excellent choice… I am anxious to see her finished… are you making the 3 bears too???

Dress #1

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I saw this after you had already decided. I’m glad you chose the first one, though, as that was also going to be my vote. I LOVE the fabric and lace. Did you end up finding that or choosing something else that called out to you at the store?

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Oh yes! Joann’s silk dupioni was paper thin and super shiny, reminded me of a shirt from the $90s, meh. BUT they had a 60% off Waverly home decor fabric…

This stuff was $40 a yard regular price and I got it for $12.99 a yard! It looked blue under the florescent lights but now that it’s home, it’s more of a minty green and my antique venise tooks bleh.

I really like Purple and Ballet Blush

or black and Ballet Blush


I’m the opposite - I hate the black! Still love the blue better.

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If you’re looking for opinions, I actually really like the one in the middle, too. I don’t know why, though. My brain says the cream or black should look better but my eyes like the purplish/bluish. Odd. Looking so forward to seeing what you come up with.

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If you use a color wheel, the complimentary color is on the opposite side. And purple is across from yellow green… so in theory they will compliment each other…

If all else fails I will have to use Walmart’s polyester blue “silk dupioni” lol.

Back to finishing Snow White…