What new faces would you like to see?

Ok, since everyone on here seems to want me to, I’m starting a newborn sized sculpt today! Not making any promises as this will most likely take me months if I don’t smush it (which is a common occurrence for me), but…what type of expression would you guys like to see? What faces are you tired of seeing? Any pics of specific babies you like to see would be considered too. :smiley:


So many cuties. It’s rare that you sculpts of babies with cute funny expressions.


@wispywillowrebo your son is adorable! He looks like Julius Wegerich to me! @specialmoments, I agree, the quirky ones are adorable. I myself am partial to the grumpy ones but it’s always fun to try something different :wink:


How about one of these? heehee


OMG that’s too cute! I love real babies :heart_eyes:

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I love the expression in the last pic…looks like she’s having a happy dream. :slight_smile:


If I had oriental eyes I would love to try an asian baby hehe. I’m asian myself and all these sculpts I’ve done not one asian. Actually, I have some eyes for sale (link below). Anyone want to trade one of those pairs for oriental eyes? Pretty please? :smile:


I think the 18 mm brown eyes you have would work very nicely for an asian baby

True, but I’m rather hesitant to use glass eyes for practice sculpts that sometimes get destroyed lol. I’d much rather save them for a reborn or pass them on to someone else. :slight_smile:

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Well, I found my reference pic! Introducing…my little brother lol. He’s eight now, but these are too cute (in my opinion.) Asian Paris Stoete maybe? :laughing: Anyway, please keep those suggestions coming! This is invaluable info for future sculpts!


He’s adorable!
I have a little “niece” or “nephew” that’ll be born in August, I’ll send you lots if pics for references

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He is so cute. I just love his little cheekies.

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Oh yay I love baby pics!

This is me and the new baby’s big brother. Sorry the pics are bad.


@wispywillowrebo Your son is such a tiny little sweetie.

He is a cutie. What an adorable smile.

Thanks! He’s 16 months old, And I love him! He isn’t really my nephew, But I call him that because we have such a close bond!
Our parents are good friends, And I babysit him sometimes too :heart:


Izzy, I don’t care too much for babies with open mouths, Babies that have nice relaxed looking mouths are my favorite. Open mouths can get old looking at them after a while. It’s that same way with weird posed hands. I have done some character sculpting dolls and you have to be careful how you pose hands, a lot of hand poses look very fake after a while. I feel like that about mouths. Nobody hangs around with their mouth open, even babies, unless they are yawning, eating, crying etc. I know that most dolls with open mouths are portraying a certain moment in time. Even if a baby is sleeping with an open mouth its not usually way open, like an old man snoring. Yikes, I’ll probably get my butt kicked for this opinion. Just how I feel. I’m sure what ever you decide will be super. You go girl, can’t wait to see what you come up with. .


Ok, so I’ve started on him, and so far he’s going great! Maybe not the spitting image of my baby brother, but adorable in his own right. I’ll try to get some pics of the process soon and update it. Hopefully he doesn’t get smushed. That’s a fear I always have lol. They start out great and then I mess it all up. Wish there was an undo button for clay…


this one of course