What name do you put on the hospital bracelet?

I love the hospital bracelets and I notice them in pics of babies for sale. Obviously, you don’t know who’s going to buy them and what name they’ll want to use so what name do you put on it? Do you use the kit name? Do you use the name you gave it? I’m curious…

I was wondering about this also. I thought about just leaving it blank but I don’t know.

When I’ve used a hospital bracelet, I’ve left it blank so that the new mommy could fill it in if she wanted to.

How can they fill it out if it’s already on?

Wow. I never thought of that. :fearful: I guess you can tell that I was a geriatrics nurse. LOL

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I have always put, Boy, or Girl, and the weight and length

Haha!!! That would make a difference! :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s a great idea!

I would ask the new mom what she wants the baby’s name to be. And then put that along with weight and length on the bracelet.

Yes, but I’m talking about when you’re taking the pics to sell. I’ve seen the bracelets on at that point and you don’t know who you’re selling to.

I think I would maybe wait until baby was sold to do the bracelet. And just take pics without it.
If you want to take pics with it on though, I’d just use the kit name and the weight and length.

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I include a blank hospital bracelet with the baby when I sell it so the buyer can select her own name. You could actually make one just for photoshoots though and just leave it a little big so it would slip over the heal of the baby.


Yes, Pia, that’s what my hubby suggested this morning. I think that may be the way to go. I also include a blank one for the new mom but I like to see them in the pics.

Oh nice, I agree, maybe the baby’s name also! Good Luck!!:slightly_smiling_face: