What kits would match my kiddos?

Here are pics of my son and daughter as babies. What kits do y’all think would look like them? I need to get a better pic of my son, but this is what I have in here for now.


and Cassidy



I have no idea on kits, but what happy looking babies you have!

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Crystal or Cookie ??

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They’re adorable, Mandy! And your daughter had a head-full of hair! :heart_eyes:

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Hilarious from Apple Valley Doll Works (22 inch) would be a good one for your daughter. You’d just have to strip it and re-do.



Tommy is perfect, Kristi!

OMG I do think Tommy would be perfect for my son especially LOL. Thanks! But wow at $152!! Goodness!!

@honojane Aaron was a screamer, but overall they were both happy, bubbly babies. He turned into a screamer when he was about 1 LOL! Little nightmare he was! He turned out to be a great young man though.

@jeanhai where would I see Hilarious?

@AmyR777 thanks so much. Cass was born with all that hair and never lost any. They brought her to me in hospital with a bow in her hair. And look…she has pleny of eyebrows LOL

@Lynaea I already have a Crystal kit and had thought about that for my daughter. Just not sure yet lol

@maitreasuredbabies that is a cute doll!!!

Here are the same kids today, Aaron and Cass (with her boyfriend)


Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


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Hilarious is on the Apple Valley Doll Works site under 22 inch kits.

Aaron (that’s your boy right?) looks like a pirate! LOL

@honojane Yes… Aaron is my son. He will love that! I will be sure to tell him. He is all into pirates and stuff like that.

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