What kit to use?

What kit would you ladies use to make a Amiercan Indian reborn? I need one for a custom order!

Do they want a sleeping baby or an awake one?

If they want a sleeper, I think this has the perfect features. Almond eyes and big cheeks!

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I have done both Brea & Riley as Native American. I did Brea in the Nipmuc style which is the tribe I am from. Riley I did as a more contemporary southwest style. Here they are. I hope this helps.

rainbow, both of those babies look fantastic!

WOW!!! They are both GREAT!!! Thank you so much for posting them. I have Brea on the way! Thanks again!!!

Thank you for your kind compliments. I am glad this helped & you are so welcome.

I love your native babies! Very well done!
I did Brooke as an Inuit baby…before I decided to try something new with the rooting and totally ruined the head! lol
But, before that awful experience at the theater Mrs. Lincoln, she was an adorable Eskimo type baby!
Too bad she is not available anymore for any type of fun.