What kind of oven do you all use?

i have been using paints that do not have thinners so i can use my kitchen oven. i would like to try others . what kinds of ovens do you all use?

I use a convection oven - I got one a few years ago from Sams Club. It holds up to the 9 month size limbs and head and I have been using it outside to bake. I just set it up on the patio table and plug in to the outlet there. The big thing is to be sure your temperature is correct - I invested in a good oven thermometer.

I have a mini electric oven, and use it only for baking fimo and doll parts. It really is small, so I can only bake a preemie inside or just a head and arms or just the legs. Otherwise there is a possibility that my limbs touch the metal parts and melt (happened to me more than once when I tried to bake the whole doll)

thanks you all that gives me some ideas.

I really like your setup you have going there Marlen! I use luminaire so no oven for me

I use a halogen oven. I tried using a convection oven but everytime I opened the door the temp would drop and I also burnt a baby’s head on the elements. I love my halogen. I keep the oven temp in it at all times and I just put the baby in and set it for 10 minutes. Don’t have to worry about fumes.


I use a roaster just like Lamerfer

ok where did you guys get the roasters?