What keeps you going when you start loosing interest

What keeps you going when you start loosing interest in reborning?

I find if I go on eBay and browse the reborns on there…it hypes me up to want to make one.

And also…receiving a new kit in the mail does it for me too. lol

How about you?

I have one on the table that is half rooted. I had time today but didnt feel like working on it. I need the muse. The muse usually hits me when I have enough sleep.
Getting an order for a custom will motivate me very quickly too!

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Money motivates me. hehehehe

— End quote

all of the above…

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only just started using the baby powder scented wafters.

In fact, that is what I’m doing with my Andi reborn tonight. The lady who had him on layaway would like one in him, so that’s why I’m putting him back together.

Does everyone use a full one? Or half of one? I used a full one on Andi…I hope it’s not too much scent. I don’t want to make his new mommy sick.

Diana, I am not sure which wafers you have. I have the ones that are rectangular. I cut a section of it to put in. Probably about an 1/8 of it.

Ooops! I put the whole wafer inside the doll. I cut it in half and put one at the top of the body and one at the bottom.

Yep all the new kits that come out keep me going
and i only work on one baby at a time, i wont start on another one until the last baby has socks on LOL

I usually just give it some time, and then once my house is clean and the kids are in bed I open up the paints again with a big ole cuppa joe