What is ur favorite toddler kit?

I want to decide for the upcoming toddler class!

BB Cookie; non BB Louisa by Jannie De Lange

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I like that one, too. You could put sitting Tibby legs on it.

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I am very new to reborning haven’t finished my first doll.but I just bought Arianna I think she is really cute.


i like andres by jannie de lang and chenoa also by her


Enie Jacobson and Gabriela Swialkowski

Is Gabriel a toddler?

Katie Marie, Louisa, Andres, Lena…I love them. But I think if you want to do the contest at the end you have to do a toddler she suggested. I think she said Oliver. If I’m remembering the name right, I’m not familiar with the sculpt and it’s probably a smaller toddler… :confused:

BB Gabriel is not. Gabriela Swialkowski is.


Gabriela by Regina Swialkowski and Ella Mae by Jannie de Lange

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Oh my… Isn’t she just beautiful :heart:

She’s adorable!

Isn’t she though? I have no idea who did that prototype. Its on the photo but is so tiny I can’t read it. I’m on kit restriction right now so I can’t buy her. :anguished: Just hope she is still available when I’m off restriction.


I generally don’t like the toddlers because they look so much like dolls but she’s amazing. I hope you can get her soon.

I am too:-( I have to finish one before I buy one.:frowning: and last night I was SO CLOSE! Until I ruined her eyes, and had to remove my beautifully rooted eyelashes:-(


Wow, your eyes are good, Michelle! That’s some tiny writing.

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Mine too’

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