What is the probability of finding this kit?

Browsing Google for older sculpts and came across this cutie. I wish I knew about these dolls back when this kit was available.


she favors this one. Tori by Ping Lau

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Look up Sandy Faber kits she has several with a smile that favor this one also.


Go to the WANTED section here and ask if anybody has one in their stash. There are people who have so many kits, they have no chance ever finishing all of them and somebody might be willing to part with it.
Also watch eBay, you never know what might come up.


It sure is! Its a older kit by Laura Tuzio Ross. I love that smile but I’ve seen the prices for older sold out kits and I honestly would never be able to afford it. I’m going with Tori as suggested above. Much smaller too! :joy: the doll I got very recently is 30" and that size is just too big to carry around. It just sits on my dresser.


Not all sold out kits command such high prices, some fall out of fashion. For instance Lilian by Gudrun Legler was issued as LE and sold out before I was able to get to my computer. Then people immediately started to list the kits on eBay and they were being bid up to over $200. I love that kit and bought several at that price; about year later I got couple for about $120 and $130 and I was the only bidder.

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I don’t know about finding her, but how about her name to help? Suzon reborn doll kit by Laura Tuzio Ross

Where is the wanted section?

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she is a cutie … who is she?

Suzon has a lot of versatility. I turned her into the bride of chucky. Lol.

I hope you can find the sculpt.


Kristaletta by Laura Tuzio Ross. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Silly me, I never really paid attention to the top section

This is Kristaleta, a sold out LE of 500 by Laura Tuzio Ross. She’s a 28 inch standing toddler. Your best bet it to find someone who has her and is willing to sell her.

Oops my bad, knew she was a LTR doll, just not the right one, and it’s even on the picture… ack!

Suzon and Kristaleta could easily be twins or at least sisters.

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