What is the difference?

I saw LIVIA-- by GUDRUN LEGLER kits advertised as limited edition of 888, or special limited edition of 150. The latter generally fetch more in auctions. What was special about the “special edition”?

I’m guessing on this one, but I’ve seen “ltd ed” where they have a certain number of special ltd ed, released earlier, then a second molding to a larger number of dolls - I honestly don’t know how you could tell the difference, or what difference it would make, other than the paper certificate with the numbers, but I saw something like that earlier this week.

Somebody told me once that the first couple of hundred dolls made from any given mold have better details than the dolls made in the higher numbers. She also told me that in a limited edition of 800 or a thousand dolls, they actually don’t necessarily number the dolls according to when they were molded - the first doll in the production run might be number 250 on the certificate, and the 800th doll might be number 1. You just never know. I always assumed that the ‘special ltd ed.’ or the ‘gold edition’ type dolls are actually numbered according to when they were poured, guaranteeing the buyer the clearest detail on their sculpt.

Thanks. I never really bothered with LE sold out kits selling for more than many finished dolls. But I I really like Livia and Lillian. And it never occurred to me that the moulds would ‘wear out’.