What is the difference between full legs and side loading legs?

I want to put my reborn on side loading legs as I think they’ll sit better than the front loading ones she’s gotten now but I can’t find any. BB site has either full or 3/4 but no mention of side load ones, are they the same? If not what do I need to look for?

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Sugar and honey have side loading but their legs are sculpted to load on side most full legs are made with the flange on top hope that helps

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They’re not the same. Which reborn do you have?

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Here is an excerpt from a PDF that I wrote years ago showing the difference between the two types of FULL legs -

Hope this helps to clarify the difference for you! :slight_smile:


The first ones are front loading, the second ones side loading.


Oh gosh I just realized my mistake! It’s not the legs that I meant, it’s the body! The legs themselves are ok, they are like the straight full ones in the picture, but they have been put on a front leg loading body and the baby doesn’t lie properly because of it. the rest of her is perfect, just these legs, she looks kind of awkward and unnatural. So I want to swap them on to a side leg body but I can’t find one on BB, they all say full leg and I want to know if there’s a difference or are side and full the same?

The straight full legs are meant to go on a front loading body. If you put them on a side loading one, they’ll stick straight out to the sides and look very unnatural. Do you have a picture of your baby assembled? It would make it much easier to help you.


I will try and get a picture but in the meantime she’s the Huggy Bear kit. The photos I’ve seen shows the legs as long and straight yet the ones on mine seem shorter as their sort of sat on the body if that makes sense, and because of that the whole baby doesn’t lie flat properly. Her legs seem to be an inch or so higher than her back and clothes don’t fit right either as her bottom half doesn’t seem to sit in them correctly.

Here’s some photos, hopefully they will show more clearly than I can explain:

Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think they should sort of hang mid-air like that nor rest on the body :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I totally see what you mean. I love that kit. Did the body come with the kit? My Ephram body is like that, too, and I have the same problem with it, but mine is signed by the sculptor so I’m using it anyway. Those thighs are short. If you have one, maybe a 3/4 leg body would work better. It’s interesting. MacPhersons advertises it as 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs. Irresistables advertises it as 3/4 arms, full legs. Looking at your pictures, I agree with MacPhersons.

I’m glad it’s not just me then that thinks it looks weird. As far as I know the artist who made her me picked the body, the kit came as only vinyl parts and I wasn’t clued up enough then to know about front load bodies or I’d have asked not to use one.

I have tried 3/4 leg body briefly but they still didn’t look right, though it wasn’t a very good quality one, perhaps a good one would have been ok. I’m thinking the body needs legs at an angle like this \ / rather than flat across like this _ _ which is how the body I bought was. Is there such a body type? It’s why I wondered if side load legs would work. She’s perfect apart from these legs and I want to put them right so she lies properly like other people’s reborns do.

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Did you try to find kit listing and see what is recommended body for it?

I think she is on the correct body but overstuffed.


I agree with Pia. To me, her legs don’t look to bad, but her booty looks way too big. It’s so big it is propping her up upward.


I really don’t think she’s overstuffed as her body feels ok, not over full but not not lacking anywhere either, whereas if I remove some of it it’ll alter her shape.

I can’t find the kit on BB, first place I looked to see if there was a body recommendation.

The kit calls for 3/4 legs

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I just found this:

Doe Suede Half Body for 20" Dolls - Full Jointed Legs #2020GF, was thinking it could be slid over her original body and zip tied on?

I’ve also got a large 3/4 leg body from another doll, I’ll try her out on that too and see what it’s like.

IF you put her 3/4 legs on that body she will look like a frog

Her kit needs a body like this

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Well I don’t know if it’s just mine or what but she does not suit 3/4 legs. I tried it and they are at completely the wrong angle, they go at an L shape. Are there different types of 3/4 bodies?