What is nessecary?

I could potentially start reborning with genesis. What is every necessary thing I need? I’m comparing prices of BB and Macphersons.

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Paints, brushes, thinning medium, paint thinner (better to buy in store) matte n satin varnish to seal, oven

I also find cosmetic wedges, q-tips, and something to hold the pieces to be useful. (I use the handle end of a wooden spoon)

What paint colors?

The colors I mostly use are from like the starter set from BB. The pre-mixed ones. I also use flesh 06, yellow orcher, burnt umber, mars black and pyrolle red. I mix colors from there for what I need.

if you’re in canada I recommend buying the museum paint thinner from macphersons and get your paints there too (it ends up being cheaper because of shipping and no customs fees)
also make sure you get genesis blue, red, yellow, and white and also the quinacridone crimson, flesh 08, flesh 06, pyrrole blue 02, pyrrole red 02, dioxazine purple 02, burnt umber, and mars black, also yellow ochre is a must
i got advice for what colours to get from @Sony72 when i first started last year
it’s easier to get the colours you want by mixing them yourself then say the premixed ones from bountiful baby

Get the starter kit to get you going, then add later. JMO


The first baby I sold ended up too cool. I bought the starter kit and so had no paint to warm the skin tone up. With the proceeds of that sale, I bought more colors. I find yellow ocher and burnt umber to be indespensible. I also like dioxazine purple for giving a slight tint to eyelids. Just for good measure, I picked up red, yellow, blue and white, knowing that I can use them to make or alter any colors. Eventually I hope to learn the primary method, so they’ll also be useful then. The starter kit will have most of what you need and is a good way to decide whether or not reborning is for you without spending a small fortune on supplies.

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Also an oven


And make sure you buy odorless paint thinner

You’ll need a paint pallet some q tips, The kind with the pointed end are nice if you have them. tooth picks.
paper towels, I like the measuring spoons bb has. exacto knife,paint brushes, I get mine from Michaels most of the time. They have sales and coupons you can use to help save $ I get my Windsor and newton brush cleaner there with coupon. I use it mostly for stripping. It will take the paint off your brush handles if you get it on there like i did to a bunch of my brushes ( thought i could set them in a jar of it and they got all stuck together.)
Alot of the odds and ends stuff you can get at a dollar store.