What is going on?

There are so many old topics on top of the list in several categories. I just clicked on one that had the last post in April 2013!?


Yes, I’ve been seeing that a lot since the format has been changed. Not sure why.

Not sure of the default sort, but if you click on Activity it will resort for you.

Where is the magic activity button? I see activity at the bottom of the page. Maybe I’m on the wrong page…grumble, grumble as my older daughter says. Found it on the topics page…now to get more people to write again…I know it is summer but come on, people, forget facebook and gardening and talk to me!!! By the way, folks, the old posts are showing up at the bottom of the page when you are reading posts, I am learning to ignore them!

Above the post list, you have:


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Oh, yes there some old posts on the bottom, I just ignore those. But I meant that when I click on, let’s say, the marketing & shipping category and one of the first 6 topics is old, years old in some instances, although on the right it says that the last post was 6 days ago.