What is difference in these 2 bodies?

I know that the body #300 and #8828 are basically the same body only #8828 is a little more streamlines and seems slightly longer as well as has Cable ties. But what is the difference in #8828 and the Crawler body #3652 other than the obvious new design. They all 3 say they are 11" long from neck to crotch. Is the neck somehow different on it for a crawler? I am looking for a body for my Huxley kit on the way and it is on sale at a good price and that is why I ask.

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I’m glad you mentioned this. My Huxley should be here today and I didn’t even realize I didn’t order a body. I guess I better follow this thread so I can order a body too.

Yea, if the kit does not automatically come with a body I like to get them here if I am not having them custom made.


The crawler body has gathers at the back of the neck to help keep the head up when the doll is in the crawling position.


Thank you!

I actually found an extra body in my stash so thankfully I do not have to order one now.

I went ahead and ordered a 300 body.