What is a Warming Body?

Has anyone heard of a warming body for a reborn? I had someone request it and I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?

Stuff it with a heating pad? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Funny girl, Amy! LOL


I read a Wikipedia article that talked about warming packs to make it feel warm. It did not give any detail as to the type of warming pack. Maybe they are like the winter hand an d foot warming packs.

I found heat pads for reborns but I have no idea how to use them. Tinkerbell Creations has them and apparently there is some kind of warming heart pack in the Linda Webb lifelike babies. Where does one get such a contraption short of buying one of the dolls and stealing the warming pack?

Tinkerbell Creations has them under accessories. It says they’re reusable & stay warm up to 2 hours.

You could make a pocket or just put it under the clothes (front and/or back.

She is getting the breather body, which has a pocket to house the breathing mechanism. I will contact Jacqueline (she makes the breather bodies) to see check to see if there is enough room to add a warmer. The bean bag just might work.

wonder warmers.com has them that are reusable up to 100 times but I didn’t see any that last 2 hours.

Warming packs were a trend back in the earlier days of reborning. I don’t recall bodies having a special pocket in them, I think we just put them under clothing. These packs had to be warmed in boiling water and cooled. Later, when one wanted to cuddle a warm baby I believe there was a little button somewhere in the pack that one could push and the pack warmed up by itself. they were reusable up to a point. I remember they were blue and rectangle and never seemed to work as long as they should have. The wonder warmers look to be the same type of thing but I don’t see a size that would work well.

They sell gel packs or the grain type warming bags at the pharmacy in the first aid section. There are small gel packs but my concern is I’ve seen them burst and leak and that could ruin the doll. You could make the grain bag smaller and have another for a future baby. You could saw a pocket into the body instead of outside the body. Open a back seam and attach a cloth pocket. Velcro or snaps to close. If inserted inside, you won’t feel the bag when you hold it, it will feel more like a real baby and you could include it in your doll’s weight.


Ashton Drake has a doll that has a warming pack, maybe this will give you some more info or ideas.

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I use the ones my husband uses on really cold days when he golfs. I buy them at Walmart.