What is a sculpt that has grown on you?

For me it’s probably Miracle by LLE. I never disliked the kit, but I wasn’t searching it out, either.

What kit have you become fond of??


Miracle for me, too. Although there’s countless others.

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I didn’t like Asher Awake until I reborned him…he’s now a she and I’m not ready to sell her, yet. :slight_smile:


There is something about Celeste for me…brought her head with me to Cuba and now she has some sparsely rooted blonde hair…I think her little face reminds me ofmy daughter’s when she was a wee baby…minus the mouth…I am even beginning to like her mouth now…!!..:slight_smile:


When I did Celeste I found myself liking her more as she came to life. That mouth is a little milk drunk looking, but I’ve seen babies do that when their bottle or pacifier pops out of their mouth. I love her limbs even more than her head, so I bought a couple of extra sets to substitute on other kits with less realistic limbs.
I switched Maisie’s arms with some Rosebud arms on a recent reborn and it helped, but I’m just never going to really like BB’s little Maisie no matter what I do to make it better!


Never in a million years did I think I’d say this but I’ve gotta go with Celeste, too ~ for all the reasons stated above. Now I love her mouth, and the vinyl takes paint soooooo well. She’s my first custom for the new year. :blush:


Love what you’ve done with him in the second photo!

Unfortunately it was Quinlyn Eagles! I bought the kit, decided I didn’t like it when it arrived and I sold it at original cost to me! Wishi had kept it!