What is a good sponge for varnishing?

Hi there everyone! I have a quick question. I have some Soft touch varnish and I would like to varnish one of my dolls. I’ve read that you apply the varnish by using a cosmetic wedge. Are there any ones that you would recommend for it? I’ve seen all kinds of different cosmetic sponges. Some that are in cute colors and shapes and then the triangle ones. I’ve also seen the ones that look like eggs. Also, how many coats of varnish would I need? I saw in a YouTube video someone did 2 I think. I just want the paint to be sealed good. The doll in question has been painted with genesis heat set.

I use a makeup brush. Similar to a brush like you would use for stenciling. Short compact bristles. It gets down in the creases really well.


I use triangle sponge and do two coats with 24 h in between.


Thanks Ladies!

I use the Quo sponges from Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada. I brush it on first really thin and then pounce with the sponge.

I use cosmetic wedges, which work pretty well. But I’m looking into other options because the wedges seem to attract dust, which gets into the varnish.