What happens to these poor babies?

I am not commenting on any one person or any one baby but is it just me when I say that once a baby leaves my studio it may turn into a very different baby?

Once in a while someone buys a baby and resells it. I get it, it’s just the way this hobby works. I don’t care if they sell it for more or less, keep it for one day or 5 years. Once it leaves here it belongs to them to do what they want, my hope is they will love it but I have to remember at the end of the day it is a doll.

People buy and trade.
People collect, thin, and buy more.
Some people just want the reborn experience then resell to recoup once the high wears off.
There are newbies who will invest in another artists work so they can get ideas.
All kinds of reasons, all fine by me.

The thing that gives me itchy bumps is when someone sells a baby I made and the baby in the photos is not a baby I recognize. It is shiny, nail tips are gone, hair is tortured… the lighting is usually not terrific so it looks kinda discolored. I want to rescue it. I want to say “hey that isn’t the baby I sent you”

I understand when it’s been many years and the baby has been well loved but Holy Moly. I don’t want people to think that is a representation of my work.

I sold a baby not that long ago, the woman had to resell it because she ran into a financial situation. She very respectfully emailed me that she had to resell and was sad about it and wondered if she could use my photos because she wasn’t going to be able to do the baby justice with her phone.

I was cool with it, very cool.


Yea I recently got contacted by a lady who bought a silicone head cuddle baby I made off the 2ndary market. She messaged me saying the paint was peeling and wanting to know if I fixed it. I asked to see a photo as I was suspicious what the issue might be and sure enough it was what I thought. The person who sold it to her had cut open the mouth and in doing so ruined the paint job because it started peeling at the mouth onto the cheek. Cutting a mouth open after the baby is painted and sealed causes delamination of the paint and definitely will lead to peeling. It made me so sad to see the shape my once beautiful creation is now in.


I’ve seen a few of my babies being resold…one looked great and the seller gave me wonderful compliments in her listing…the others…didn’t look like my babies anymore…

What gripes my butt is the hair…I spend hours upon hours upon hours doing that dang rooting and then to see it nappy and not even combed…meh…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer to paint hair. Rooting is such a long, tedious and meticulous work just for it turned out like felt.


Your babies do have beautiful heads of thick hair! Maybe one day I will get the honor to own one.


I got a message from a collector about a week ago asking if I could repair one of my dolls she bought second hand. She said the magnet for the paci was weak and paint was peeling on the hands and feet. She sent a pic and it was the Anges sculpt by J Homa which I had never done, was not my work. When I told her that she asked if I was sure, that it came with a birth cert from my nursery and the seller had said it was my work from earlier days of reborning. She sent a photo of the birth cert. I leave the name blank on my certificates and just fill in the date, weight and length. I said yes that is a cert from my nursery and looking up the date it was from my Tink by Bonnie Brown. She was very upset. So was I. God knows what people are buying out there under the guise of it being my work. :frowning:


Wow! That is crazy!

When I do mine I put the sculptor and kit name on it.


Yes you can be sure I will write the name of the sculpt somewhere on my birth cert going forward!




I had a similar situation, someone resold a baby, not mine, but told the person that the hair painting was done by me. I am not sure if she made it up or the person before here did but it was not my hair painting, it wasn’t bad but not mine.

The woman wanted to know if I could clean it up a little and do a little top rooting, she would be happy to pay for shipping. I told her that I don’t work on other artists dolls. She told me that I offer a baby spa day on my dolls, and since I painted the hair she assumed I would honor that.

I told her I did not paint the hair, do not work on other artists dolls, it is a weird thing for me, and I just never have. She was not happy and I am pretty sure she thought I was not being honest.

If It was my hair painting I would have totally have cleaned it up but I would have charged for rooting, I hate rooting, it hurts my hands and my neck and it goes on for way too long. I have a very short attention span.

I do get people here and on reborns that let me know if someone is reselling one of my babies usually. Twice I have had someone list a baby on reborns that was not mine, as mine. When I contacted them they seemed very confused, thought it was one of mine…

These babies are expensive, you would think you would know who sculpted and painted it, and you have all the certificates we send (I never fill out the BB birth certificates, I do include them with my own).

Does anyone weigh babies anymore? I get that question all the time. I can’t figure out why difference it would make. I weigh them to be as realistic as I can and still be a little floppy. Rigid soldier babies are no fun to cuddle.

Enough of me today, I am crabby, hauled a bunch of soil and chicken poop into my garden in the back by myself, the men folk around here were too busy to help. It was (California) cold, rainy, muddy, and it was so smelly.

I will be glad I did once this garden is in full swing.

I don’t know if many of you remember Mellissa but damn she is an incredible gardener she took me from meh…Home Depot tomato gardening to 13 raised beds, winter, spring and fall gardening. She is damn amazing.