What happened to Dean?

I know he was released (or am I’m losing my mind?) He is out of stock now. Has he already sold out? I haven’t seen any completed pictures of him. I would really love to see him painted if anyone has done him. Please tell me I am not losing it. :joy:

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Dean was released for ROSE. Limited Edition.

Then they sold the remaining kits after ROSE was over.

You can still buy him through the Rose website. I have him and am going to reborn him at some point.

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It was on BB site for a very short time. I grabbed then . I started him but had no chance to paint or add more layers …so no pictures yet .

He was in stock last week, cause i had my eye out and of course I didn’t grab him. He was reg price. So he was out of stock then in then out. Unless, I am losing my mind.:ghost: