What hair product do you use?

i put gel in the babies hair but shortly it drys and get more fuzzy doesnt keep the style well .Whats good but bot goopy?

Johnson’s no more tangles detangling spray.


I have conditioner, water n baby oil in a lil spritz bottle that I use.

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Lambkin you use johnson or baby oil and water?

Silken Child was suggested to me.

I can’t find that anywhere!!!

Neither could I- they said Sally’s but the one by me never had it.

I think she was responding to @AnnieSokay who uses Johnson’s No More Tangles

I heard Silken Child was being discontinued. I just searched Sally’s Beauty Supply’s website and the product didn’t come up in a search. :cry:

Anne, do you water down the Johnson’s or use full-strength?

ok thanks…I bought some no me tangles…not johnson but it doesnt hold at all once dry

I just use hair condition a little bit mixed into a water spray bottle and let hair dry it stays in position forever if it’s not moved around

Regular hair conditioner or Leave-in conditioner?

A lot also depends on the hair used. I can root silk effex hair and use plain water to curl and it will stay once dried. Ruby red will not hold shape even with hairspray lol.


I use regular conditioner but I bet leave in conditioner would be better if you have it

@AmyR777 I use distilled water to water it down, remember I am new at this. I am rooting with RR now and practicing a swirl on baby 7. Am painting 8, 9, and 10, my last ones till I move. Riley, Kyra is an alternative and Miles I got as a practice head. I will show Riley and Miles when done. The others are for my families box opening. I also did Claire as Riley’s Dolly.


so many goood things to try!.

Yes! I use this spray best 5 dollars I’ve ever spent, it even seems to soften and conditions the hair to stay how you want it!

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