What do you think of this chubby cheeks so far?

This is a BB Spencer sculpt. It is that awful gray vinyl. How do you think this coloring looks now? She is going to be a Simply Baby with painted hair and brows when I am done.

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y106/l … encer1.jpg
http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y106/l … encer2.jpg

I believe the color of the new kits is “light neutral peach.”

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I believe the color of the new kits is “light neutral peach.”

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Yea, that’s what they call them but there is nothing peach about them. Light, yes and if neutral means totally void of any warmth at all then yes to that too. To me they look to have a gray undertone. It’s workable but I like the old peach a WHOLE lot better. In fact, I liked it just fine and don’t understand why they changed it.

She is looking great Angie!!!

Well this is going to be a debate for ever I think -some hate it and some (myself included)- LOVE it -I like a blank canves-and am very happy with the Light neutral peach .
I feel it gives ME more control over the skin tone and what I do with the kit -A nd Angie your spencer is very cute -the skin tones are very nice , Great job!!!

Here’s what BB has had posted in announcements for quite some time now—

As many of you know, Bountiful Baby has several factories around the world producing our kits. This is a good thing since no one factory could keep up with all the beautiful babies we are bringing and plan to bring to you in the future. From factory to factory the color will vary as well as from batch to batch. It is nearly impossible to get the exact same color each time.

For now we haven’t been too concerned with getting each factory to match the same color as the other factory because we are experimenting a little with which colors you, our customers, prefer. Obviously we cannot make everyone happy with the same color, but we want to make as may of you happy as we can. We will be taking a poll on our vinyl color in the near future to try to determine what vinyl color will do just that (make most of you very happy and hopefully everyone will be content with the color even if it is not your personal favorite)

Once we determine the color we want to go with, we will do our best to get our factories to match the color as close as they can each time. Keep in mind however that although the color will hopefully be close, it is nearly impossible to match it perfectly each time.

We will be making an effort to describe the colors of our new kits in our descriptions the best that we can. For example, our newest releases, that are either just released or will be soon, we are calling the color “light neutral peach”.

We apologize for any inconvenience the color changes may cause you, but we assure you we are working on this and hope to bring you as much consistency as we can in the future. The only way we could really control the color that is produced at the factory is to send our quality control people around the world. We may someday do this, but we do not have the resources at this time without having to make drastic price increases. We hope that you will have patience with us in this process and we also hope that you will be very happy with the color and quality of all our babies.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

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Also some small jars of mixed paint that would correct the vinyl colors and be truly economical would be even more desirable. So if you need to correct the vinyl colors - and if the jars of paint cost less than $4 I would ‘put them in my cart’.

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Great idea!

Angie, Love your ‘Spencer’. She will be perfect when she has lashes and hair. I can’t wait to see her finished.