What do you think of new logo?

I am having new boxes made and changing my name. I will be selling my next baby and wanted to unique identity. My old boxes that I had made where too narrow and did not allow me to put much in there, so I increased the size so that I can fit clothing, book, and other goodies.


That looks very nice!! :heart_eyes:

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Very pretty. I love the colors!

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Those are beautiful … are they expensive to have made ?

about 18.00 a piece :slight_smile:

Oh that’s lovely!

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now if i can figure out how to make the lettering be gold foil! lol…I’m totally getting a heidi Swapp for my anniversary gift :slight_smile:

Thank you they are beautiful and look so professional.

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I LOVE that you have your own boxes :grinning: Love your logo too!!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I think its a cool thing, at least they have something to store the baby in if its not on display. I first thought of it because of the babies I gave away to grandmothers, my mom, aunt. They needed a place to keep them put up safe due to their living arrangements.

The new box will be 22" x 7" x 14". I hope that is big enough for everything. I might have to do a mock up of that at home to make sure it’ll be big enough.