What do you think about changes?

I haven’t listed any dolls for awhile and I’m just now finding out about the changes on reborns.com. Showing the length of time someone’s been selling on reborns.com might be good if you’ve been there for some time, but I think it will be detrimental to newcomers to the site. Not having any verified transactions will look bad, too, IMO. It can easily be misinterpreted as maybe not the best seller to buy from. I don’t think customers having to create an account in order to even just look around is going to go over well and I think it will deter people from visiting the site.
The ‘follow’ option I do like. The ‘visit nursery’ and ‘contact’ buttons I think I like but I haven’t used either of them yet.
What do you think?


I just recently renewed after letting mine lapse at Christmas when all the changes started. I like the inbox and orders tabs, it’s much easier to communicate with buyers. I’m not sure how I like the way buyers can browse available babies. It seems a bit confusing to me. And I didn’t realize buyers had to create an account just to browse. If I was a buyer that would be a definite turn off. I always leave a site immediately if it requires me to create an account just to look around. But overall, I can’t complain too much. I’ve sold 3 babies in the last 2 weeks. Two have been as a direct result of Reborns. (The third was through a Facebook group)

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My mistake. They only need an account to contact you, favorite an item or place an order. It seems they can just look. Do you only use PayPal for payments? I’m seeing a lot of complaints about them holding funds for 21 days. That hasn’t ever happened to me but I’ve been gone for awhile.

I only accept PayPal. They haven’t held my funds lately. When I first started selling, several years ago on eBay, my funds were held for 21 days or until tracking showed the item was delivered. After a few sales with no issues, the hold period was lifted. Now the money is there and available immediately.

On reborns.com forum quite a few people are complaining about funds being held and they’re not new to the PayPal system. I don’t ship until I know the funds have cleared. As a buyer, 3 weeks is a long time to wait.

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I believe and I could be wrong but…I always thought when this happened they took the money from the buyer and then PP is the ones who hold it for 21 days. So it should be okay to ship because the money was already recieved just not yet given to you. If you add tracking, they can release it sooner so the quicker you ship, the quicker you get your money. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me because if this happens to me, I would hate to think one thing and it be another.


You’re right. The funds are “cleared”, but it’s PayPal that hold it. You are safe to ship.

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I have been selling there for a couple years. I have always had good experiences (I did have one buyer try to scam me for two dolls but Paypal sided with me when I showed them proof of delivery).

Honestly I was kinda pissed when Dave did the one tier thing. It was a smart business move but I had always done well at the 4.99 level and now I have to pay 20 bucks a month. Instead of just renewing every month or paying for he year I just pay the months I am going to list dolls.

That being said I also list on Etsy (never on Ebay) and I sell well on Etsy but the fees add up, its awful.

Daves site is a good deal if:

You are posting more that two babies a month.
You are new (it is simple to navigate and they have all different price and skill levels)
You don’t mind answering a lot of questions (people email lots of questions, some are kinda wacky sometimes).
You have a lot of photos and video link (he offers a lot of space for photos)

You can write your own bio. If you are a promising artist and you are selling a nice baby for a good price people will click and read and buy. Paypal has protections.

Another nice thing about Reborns.com is that you have a captured audience. People go there specifically looking for a reborns. Unlike other platforms, this is all reborn dolls.

Funds being held is a Paypal thing and mostly to do with the person purchasing. If you have a Paypal account and have had trouble free transactions with them I think there shouldn’t be a problem on your end. You also need to go to your Paypal account and decide if you will take certain kinds of payments like e-checks. That could hold you up for a week. You limit the buyers but you also don’t have to hold onto a baby until the check clears. Again that is a Paypal thing not a reborns.com issue.